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Pre Deployment

Our Story consists of some simple preparation and then 4 distinct steps in the field. These steps are described in detail in the following sections. However before you enter a deployment, you might need to consider the following things.


Our Story has been tested in a number of different locations and for different project/programme initiatives (participatory baseline, monitoring and evaluation), some examples highlighted in the previous section. When using Our Story for a project/programme, consider:

  • At what stage in the programme/project should you use the Our Story process?
  • What would be the best method to use (assessment, baseline, monitoring, evaluation etc) to capture this information from the communities?
  • What is the sampling method (chosing who participates) that would be most suitable for your Our Story initiative? This will affect location and community selection.
  • In order to ensure buy in and sustainability of Our Story, who are the stakeholders that should be involved in the process, at the community, regional, national and global level? It is recommended that the deployment team be kept small at the field level, in order to respect community space.
  • How many days will be allocated for your initiative and what are the logistics on the ground which need to be planned?

The Our Story facilitation methods (photowalk, MSC, storycards) can be adapted depending upon what is to be measured in the project/programme and is a participatory approach. Our Story works with the community from beginning to the end of the initiative, as such it is important to have the buy in from the community leader and the community before rolling out the Our Story process in the field.


Before Entering The Field

You need to setup and install the Our Story application before entering the field!

Although the Our Story infrastructure is flexible and can be used in many contexts, you will need a minimum amount of technology and materials to start a deployment.

Use the table below to determine which version of Our Story you will need to use and what you need to have as a minimum to run the deployment you need.

Online Titan
Devices Minimum of 4 Android (version > 5.0) devices for each contributor/contributing group (these can either be the participants' own devices or provided by the shoot organiser)
Connectivity 3G Internet or WiFi required n/a
App Download Our Story app (Play Store) Our Story Titan app (Play Store)
Local Infrastructure n/a
  • laptop/computer with minimum RAM of 2GB and 10GB free disk space
  • WiFi Adaptor to enable computer and Android devices to connect to each other
  • install Our Story titan software on laptop/computer

More information about configuring this on your laptop can be found here.

Optional but Advised Equipment
  • Extra laptop batteries
  • Video Projector, Speaker
  • Cabled lapel microphones
  • USB sticks (hand over videos to the community)
  • StoryCards
  • Post-it notes, Flipchart paper roll, Masking and/or duck tape,
  • Scissors, Marker pens, Ball point pens
  • More information about preparing paper-based materials can be found here

More information about the kit can be found in the Materials Guide

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