Frequently Asked Questions

What is Our Story?

Our Story is an integrated solution for helping people make videos together using mobile devices.

Help! There multiple editions. Which one do I choose?

Please see the 'Which edition is right for me' page.

How does it work?

Our Story organises film shoots using collections of shots organised by genre called templates. For instance: a live music video might contain wide shots of the band, closeups of the musicians and detail shots of their instruments.

How many people can share an Our Story shoot?

As many as you like! The only limit to the size of Our Story projects is your imagination.

Does Our Story share my details with anyone?

Not without your permission. At every event you can choose how your footage is shared with organisers and crew.

What can I do with Our Story videos once they're uploaded?

Our Story’s mobile app lets you make basic edits of footage from your shoot. Alternatively, you can load your footage into editing software such as Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere and let Our Story’s EDL exporter take the work out of logging clips.

Does Our Story need a good 3G/4G signal?

Our Story shoots can run without 3G after you’ve initially joined the film crew for a shoot.

How big are Our Story video files?

Our Story uses your mobile device’s camera at the best settings it can find, so file size can vary. When using Our Story it’s a good idea to make sure you have plenty of free space on your mobile device and only upload footage over WiFi.

Can I get Our Story for Apple phones?

See This Answer