Our Story: Titan

Our Story: Titan does everything Our Story: Online version does, except it is a fully offline solution. This is ideal for regions where there is no internet connectivity. To use this version, you will need a computer and a WiFi adaptor. You will also need to install the Titan server on this computer. Then the mobile phones/tablets will be able to connect to this computer and we can replicate the Our Story experience, totally offline.

A version developed for situations where no 3G or WiFi is available, this version can be deployed by facilitators on their own computer to provide the full Our Story workflow in remote or inaccessible locations.



  • laptop/computer with minimum RAM of 2GB and 10GB free disk space

  • Android devices for each contributor/contributing group (these can either be the participants' own devices or provided by the shoot organiser)

  • WiFi Adaptor to enable computer and Android devices to connect to each other


  • Titan server