Initial Device Connection

If the application is running on the computer, and all devices connected to the WiFi you can open the application on each Android Device.

On the first run, the application will search for a local application running on a computer, this may take up to 30 seconds.

This initial step needs to take place with your participants in range of the WiFi:

  1. Get each group to select the shoot you want them to participate in.

  2. Allow them to login, select a camera and open the camera screen.

As soon as a device has joined the camera screen and has downloaded the necessary assets, participants are able to contribute content without connection to the WiFi.

Capturing Content

This process can be accomplished offline, i.e. the computer and WiFi connection does not have to be available.

Uploading Content

Requires WiFi connection to computer

Uploading should be initiated when each device is connected to the WiFi and the application is running on the computer. In some cases, uploading a single device at a time may be faster than attempting to sync all simultaneously.

Depending on the participants, this upload process could be built into 'pitstops' during the filming process.

Reviewing Content

Requires WiFi connection to computer

Once content is uploaded from a device it is available to all participants to view and use in making stories.

Editing Content

Requires WiFi connection to computer

Multiple stories can be edited simultaneously, however processing of each is performed in a queue.

"Publishing" a story involves the application creating a single video file from the participants story.

Only one story is processed (published) at a time, so there may be a delay for participants waiting for their story to complete processing.

Our Story consumes lots of battery, particularly when performing story publishing. Keep an eye on your laptop battery and control power consumption where necessary.

Stories will continue to process without the Android device being available.

Presenting Content

Low resolution published content can be played directly from the Android devices that created the content, however you can open the upload directory located on the computer and play high quality versions directly.